AL can't stop Khaleda from polls campaign by 'terrorism': Bnp

AL can’t stop Khaleda from polls campaign by ‘terrorism': Bnp


BNP on Thursday warned the ruling Awami Legue that it will not be able to keep Khaleda away from the electioneering by resorting to ‘terrorism’.

“The ruling party men are repeatedly attacking Khaleda Zia’s motorcade with a motive to kill her as people are giving her huge response during her electioneering. We want to clearly state that no one will be able to force her out of streets by trying to intimidate her and resorting to terrorism,” said BNP international affairs secretary Asaduzzaman Ripon.Addressing a press briefing at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, he alleged that ruling party’s ‘armed cadres’ tried to kill Khaleda at Bangla Motor crossing on Wednesday by attacking her privately owned vehicle. “There were arms in the back pockets of the attackers. Different newspapers published their photos.”

Voicing concern over the security of the BNP chief following the attacks thrice on her for three consecutive days, the BNP leader sought cooperation of the government in ensuring her security.

He said the ministers’ explanations over the attacks on Khaleda were not expected and contrary to the fact and reality.

Ripon said their party is now in doubt whether the government has any intention to hold the elections or it will allow voters to go to polling stations.

Mentioning that Bnp-backed contestants will be there in polls until the last stage as people are with them, the BNP leader said the ruling party gained nothing by resorting to terrorism through the attacks on the BNP chiefs’ motorcade.

He came down heavily on the Election Commission over its revised decision of keeping army in cantonment as a reserve force during the elections to the city corporation elections in Dhaka and Chittagong, he said the Commission is maneuvering over the army deployment.

The BNP’s office spokesman demanded deployment of army with magistracy power at every polling station during the April 28 elections as people have confidence in the army, he said. – UNB


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