AL-led govt illegal from tomorrow: Khaleda

AL-led govt illegal from tomorrow: Khaleda


Opposition leader and BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Thursday said the Awami League-led grand alliance government to be illegal from tomorrow (Friday) as its term expires today (Thursday). “Your tenure expires today (Thursday) …From tomorrow (Friday), the government will be illegal. It’s our duty as citizens of the country to wage a movement against the illegal government,” she said.

Khaleda Zia was addressing a rally of Shikkhak Karmachari Oikya Jote at the National Press Club. She accused the government of resorting to various ploys to stick to power even though the opposition is doing everything what they asked for. “They’ve been telling to give us a formula and return to parliament. We’ve given a formula joined parliament and did everything they asked us to do. Nothing is left for us to do. Now the ball is in your court. Now you must act,” the BNP chief said. Defending her polls-time formula, Khaleda said the advisers to this interim cabinet can be elected in line with the constitution and the advisers will go away after three months finishing their job of holding a free and fair election. She claimed there are still many impartial, educated and competent persons in the country who can hold a free and fair election without siding with any party. The former premier said, “We want to hold a rally in front of our Nayapaltan office. We’ve sought permission to hold it as we believe in the law. Give us permission without playing tricks. We don’t want any chaos. If you (Awami League) create any chaos by creating obstacles (to rally), the responsibility will go to you.” The opposition leader urged all to participate in her Friday’s rally in front of BNP’s Nayapaltan central office and where she will come up with the opposition’s next course of action. Khaleda alleged that the government unnecessarily scrapped the caretaker government by amending the constitution in a hurry to hang onto power. “You (AL) should remember you had formed Baksal to cling to power, but you couldn’t do so. You’re now telling you won’t budge from the Constitution and you’ll return to power by holding the election under the amended constitution, Today, I want to tell you forget about this idea,” the former premier said. Khaleda once again warned the government that there will be no election under Awami League. You won’t be allowed to hold any polls under your administration.” The BNP chief said holding election under a non-party government is not merely her demand but all political parties and the people of the country want to see a free and fair election under a non-party polls-time administration. Khaleda further said, “How much are you afraid of election as you aren’t allowing BNP men to move out of their houses?” Mentioning that there is no credit by returning to power through a polls under own administration, the opposition leader said the country’s people will not approve such election. Khaleda said the current regime is only for the Awami League not for the people of the whole country as no one can do any thing without the orders of the ruling party men. “No one except the ruling party men gets any job and no one can do any thing without the order of them. So how does the current regime a pro-people one. It’s in fact a government only for Awai league.” To overcome the national problem and ensure welfare of all, she said a pro-people and democratic government will have to be established through holding a fair election under a non-party administration. The BNP chief urged the teachers and all professionals to cooperate with her in forcing the regime to arrange the polls under a nonparty government. Shikkhak Karmachari Oikya Jote leader placed various demands before Khaleda and she promised to meet those if her party returns to power. “This is not my time to give you any assurance. Rather it’s your time to cooperate with me. Now what is our first duty is to oust this corrupt, party-monger and repressive regime.” She also promised that if her party is voted to power they will create a national unity and work for the welfare the country’s all people and take the country forward. They will also give education top priority, she added. Mentioning that she has forgiven the ruling party for personally attacking her and repressing her party men, Khaleda said, “We’ll work with you. We won’t follow what bad thing you’ve committed and are doing now. We repress no one of you or implicate you in false cases.” – UNB



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