Al-Qur'an has seven cetegories of verses: Shah Hannan

Al-Qur’an has seven cetegories of verses: Shah Hannan


After long studies of the Quran, I find that Quran contains basically seven categories of verses.1, A large number verses mention Sifat of Allah, His qualitative names such as Rabb, Malik, Rahman, Rahim,Khalik,Wahab, Hafij, Aziz etc.
The purpose is that any reader has always in mind Allah and His great Sifats.
2.A large number verses explain Tauhid, its’ need, arguments about truth of Tauhid.falsity of concept of son of God, idol worship etc.
3.A large number verses discuss falsehood of Shirk,arguments against it. many kinds of reply to mushriks.
4.A large number verses discuss moral values.such as telling truth, not to hide truth, take care of parents, help poor,orphans, travelers, who are in bondage,control anger, forgive others, spend in the path of Allah.
5.A large number verses discuss about law and legal issues such as murder, theft , adultery, business, evidence, witnessing,inheritance,wasiat, gift, Mahr, Iddat, marriage, divorce, Hajj, other Ibadat.
6.A large number verses discuss history, of human creation, Adam and Hawa, many prophets such as Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, Daud, Sulaiman, Ismail: the rebellion and disobedience of many peoples, their destruction.
7. A large number verses discuss Akhirat, faith and good deeds lead to jannat;Shirk and bad deeds lead to Jahannam.In these verses types of punishments in Jahannam and peace and comforts in Jannat also have been discussed.
There are verses on other misc items.
All of us can write seven articles on these categories and give speeches on that basis/ otherwise circulate.For that you have to read Quran again, taking notes.
Then complete teaching of Quran will be spread among Muslims and others,
shah abdul hannan
Note–In the same verse several things may also come sometimes


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