Aleppo's two largest hospitals bombed by Syrian regime

Aleppo’s two largest hospitals bombed by Syrian regime


The city’s dire humanitarian crisis has been compounded by government shelling in the rebel-held east. On top of the hospital attack, Human Rights Watch has accused President Assad of using banned chemical weapons.Government bombardment of the Syrian city of Aleppo hit the area’s two largest hospitals on Wednesday.

The bombing in the rebel-held eastern part of the city put the heavily damaged facilities out of service, compounding the city’s critical lack of medical services.”The warplane flew over us and directly started dropping its missiles on this hospital…at around 4 a.m.,” a doctor told Reuters news agency. According to a report by the Washington Post, two patients died in the attack that also injured three staff members.After a sorely-need ceasefire collapsed last week, regime troops and their Russian allies launched an all-out offensive on the war-ravaged city, with some residents calling it the worst violence they have seen during the five-year conflict. The World Health Organization had already issued a warning that it was running short of supplies for the city’s 250,000 inhabitants.The two hospitals hit on Wednesday were two of the seven that the WHO said were still running in the besieged city. The Washington Post reported that the recent offensive had already killed hundreds in just a few short days.


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