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All you need to know about UAE amnesty 2018
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All you need to know about UAE amnesty 2018

Kelly Clarke /Dubai
The individuals who are staying illegally in the country can apply for amnesty. Q: What is the duration of the amnesty?
A: Residents can avail of the amnesty for three months from August 1 to October 31
Q: Who are the people eligible for amnesty?
A: The individuals who are staying illegally in the country can apply for amnesty.
Q: What are the two options available for illegal residents under amnesty?
A: Those who wish to exit the country can go back to their home countries without paying fines or facing a jail term. Or individuals can regularise their status by getting a new visa under a sponsor.
Q: Will those who entered the country illegally be given amnesty?
A: Yes. But they will exit the country with a two-year ban.
Q: Will there be a permanent ban on reentering the UAE for those who avail of amnesty?
A: No. There will be no ban, and people can re-enter the country on valid visas.
Q: Will the applicant have to pay to overstay fines before modifying their illegal status?
A: No. Applicants of amnesty will get a waiver on all overstaying fines.
Q: What kind of violations will not fall under the amnesty scheme?
A: People who have been blacklisted and also those who have legal cases against them are not eligible for amnesty. All residency violations will fall under the amnesty scheme.
Q: Can those who have an absconding report against them apply for amnesty?
A: Yes, Immigration authorities will remove the absconding report and issue exit permit without a ban.
Q: Can applicants who modify their status apply for jobs in the UAE?
A: Yes. Applicants can register in the virtual job market available on the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
Q: How long can those who modified their residency status stay in the country to look jobs?
A: People looking for jobs can obtain a six-month temporary visa to look for employment.
Q: How can residents apply for amnesty?
A: Illegal residents wishing to exit the country can approach the Immigration department and get the exit permit.
Q: What are the documents residents need to submit?
A: Residents need to submit the original passport or EC (emergency certificate). They also need to submit an air ticket along with the application.
Q: What is the fee for applying for exit permit?
A: A fee of Dh220 is charged on the exit permit.
Q: What is the fee for modifying residency status?
A: A fee of Dh500 is charged.
Q: Can residents without passports apply for amnesty?
A: Yes, Residents without passports can also apply.
Q: What is the time period to exit the country after getting the exit pass?
A: Individuals have to exit within 10 days of getting the exit pass.
Q: How can those who cannot come to the Immigration apply for amnesty?
A: Immigration will issue exit permits based on medical reports or letter from the embassy or consulate.
Q: How many amnesty service centres have authorities established across the UAE?
A: A total of nine centres have been established at the centres of the General Directorates of Residency and Foreign Affairs across the UAE.
Q: Where are the centres of Abu Dhabi located?
A: Al Ain, Shahama and Al Garbia
Q: Where can people submit their documents in Dubai?
A: At Al Aweer Immigration centre
Q: What is the location for other emirates?
A: The amnesty centres are located at the Immigration Offices in the emirates.
Q: What are the timings for the centres?
A: The amnesty service centres will open from 8 am to 8 pm.
Q: What benefits will amnesty bring to families coming from war-torn countries like Syria and Yemen?
A: They will be granted a one-year residence visa without restrictions attached.
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