Allowances for Freedom Fighters to be raised

Allowances for Freedom Fighters to be raised


The Cabinet on Monday approved a proposal to raise the allowances of gallantry award winners, war-wounded freedom fighters and the families of martyred freedom fighters.The approval was given at the regular weekly meeting of the Cabinet held at the Secretariat with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair.Liberation War Affairs Ministry placed the proposal to increase the allowances under the ‘Gallantry Award Winner and War-wounded Freedom Fighters Allowances Distribution Policy, 2016′.Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam briefed reporters after the meeting.He said the ‘Bir Shrestha’ gallantry award winners will get Tk 30,000 as monthly allowance instead of Tk 12,000 while the ‘Bir Uttam’ gallantry award winners Tk 25,000 against their existing allowances of Tk 10,000 per month.Besides, the ‘Bir Bikram’ gallantry award winners will get Tk 20,000 against their existing allowances of Tk 8,000 per month while the ‘Bir Protik’ gallantry award winners Tk 15,000 who they are getting Tk 6,000 per month at present.

The Cabinet Secretary said the grade ‘A’ war-wounded freedom fighters will get Tk 45,000 against their existing allowances of Tk 30,000.The grade ‘B’ war-wounded freedom fighters will get Tk 35,000 instead of Tk 20,000 while the grade ‘C’ ones Tk 30,000 instead of Tk 16,000 and the grade ‘D’ ones Tk 25,000 against the existing Tk 9,700.The families of the martyred freedom fighters will get Tk 30,000 instead of current monthly allowance of Tk 15,000 while that of war-wounded (now dead) freedom fighters Tk 25,000 a month in lieu of Tk 15,000.The families of the Bir Srestha will get Tk 35,000 per month against Tk 28,000.Valiant freedom fighter Taraman Bibi will get allowances under ‘Bir Pratik’ category.Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam said those who are getting more than one allowances will be allowed to avail of one facility which is the highest.The new allowances will come into effect on January 1, 2016.Mohammad Shafiul Alam said there are seven Bir Srestha, 68 Bir Pratik, 175 Bir Bikram and 426 Bir Pratik gallantry award winners in the country.The number of beneficiaries of the martyred families is 25,000 while the number of war-wounded (now dead) families is 303 and families of Bri Srestha is seven.Shafiul Alam said the Cabinet also approved a proposal of the Finance Division to raise financial power of the Cabinet Purchase Committee amending the existing power.According to the proposal, he said the Cabinet Purchase Committee will now be empowered to approve up to Tk 100 crore from the existing Tk 50 crore for any contract on purchase, irrespective of development and non-development sectors.The financial power on advisory services has been increased to Tk 50 crore and Tk 20 crore for the development budget and non-development budget respectively from Tk 10 Crore.The Cabinet also endorsed the draft of the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation Act, 2016 and the National Salt Policy, 2016 proposed by the Ministry of Shipping and the Ministry of Industries respectively.Besides, the legislative and parliamentary affairs division also placed a situation paper before the Cabinet on raising the age limit for the retirement of researchers and scientists having special qualifications and talents.


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