"Ami Ekjon Pagol Bolcchi" for clean Bangladesh

“Ami Ekjon Pagol Bolcchi” for clean Bangladesh


A viral short film “Ami Ekjon Pagol Bocchi” by director Raihan Rafi has been recently seen all over the social media. The short film got huge response for its wonderful direction, performance and massage for social awareness.
The short film “Ami Ekjon Pagol Bolcchi” was made on demanding a national day for cleaning our county. The whole team of the short film worked on voluntarily to make the film and an organization named ‘Poriborton Chai’ joined with the team also.

“Ami Ekjon Pagol Bolcchi” short film shows that in busy urban life of our county, demanding a clean environment is compared as a demand of a mentally unwell person. Living in a clean environment is a basic need in another place, but the situation of our country has built up in such a way that this basic need is something like fantasy for us. So in the short film, actors claim themselves as mad because they want to make the nation clean.
The situation and the story are beautifully captured with the direction of Raihan Rafi. Actor Shamim Hasan Sarkar gave an amazing performance to portrait the situation.
Regarding the film, actor Shamim Hasan Sarkar said, acting in this short film even made him feel as if he is at least contributing something to Bangladesh. He also said “This kind of work proves that one doesn’t need any uniform or designation to protect the country and make it a batter place, creating this kind of awareness among the mass people is even enough to say that we did something for our county”.
The short film had been seen by millions of viewers within some days after its release and till now it’s been shared by thousands of people in the social media demanding a national day for cleaning our county.
Regarding this, director Rihan Rafi said “There are many national and international days celebrated in Bangladesh, so why not adding another day in the list. Though a day will never change our situation but at least it can create awareness to change it”.
Many renowned personalities have share the short film in their personal social site and appreciated the work. It’s a blessing of the industry when a good piece work only does not get appreciation for marvelous performance but also create a big movement to contribute for the country. – News Desk


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