Amjad Hossain's condition worsens

Amjad Hossain’s condition worsens


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Veteran film activist Amjad Hossain has been in critical condition. The actor-cum-filmmaker suffered brain stroke in the morning of November 18 and was quickly admitted to the Impulse Hospital in Tajgaon where he was taken to ICU. The latest development is that the situation of the sixty-seven year old filmmaker has worsened. Shahidullah Shabuj, senior consultant of Neurology of the hospital revealed this yesterday.
The stroke started from inconsistent heartbeats that enforced closure of two of the major vessels in his brain. Chances of getting away from such case are rare, Shabuj confirmed. Normally a patient with such seriousness is kept under three-day-long observation, because brain typically fuels up within two-three days, and only then the precise situation can be perceived. Doctors have said that if his brain fuels up he will have to undergo operation. Amjad Hossain also has problems in his heart and kidney. Six months ago he underwent operation in the intestine in a Thailand hospital.
Amjad Hossain joined the film industry in 1961 acting in the film “Harano Din.” The first film directed by him “Agun Niye Khela” was released in 1967. Other notable films directed by him are “Nayanmoni” released in 1976, Golapi Ekhon Train-e released in 1978, Bhat De released in 1984 among others. He received National Film Award as Best Director twice for the films Golapi Ekhon Train-e and Bhat De and two more for best lyrics and best screenplay. He has also been awarded with Independence Award, Bangla Academy Literary Award and Ekushey Padak. Amjad Hossain was born in Jamalpur on August 14, 1942.


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