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Anti-militant drama staged at RU


Rajshahi-A drama centering the current context of militant’s activities across the country was staged at Rajshahi University on Thursday evening.The University based drama organization Anushilo Natyadal staged the drama titled ‘Aeinternet”, the 60th production of the troupe, at the university’s Kazi Nazrul Islam Auditorium as a part of their cultural movement against the militant terrorism.
The play, written and directed by Professor Moloy Bhoumic, showed how extremists were trying to misguide and recruit the youngsters, especially the university-level students, to execute their blue print.
The play begins with the scene of recalling of a father, who has sent his elder son to town for ‘higher education’ being suggested by a Matabbar six months before. But his son did not return home. Even he did not contact with his family in those period.
One day, the Matabbar again come and said to the father, “Your younger son went wrong. He with his friends was dancing and clapping. What a shame, what a shame.”
He asked to the father to send his younger son with him for higher studies. At that time, father asked Matabbar about his elder son. Matabbar replied him that his son was busy in achieving his ‘great knowledge’; and so he would not be able to contact with his family members or to return home then. Suddenly, one day the father found that his elder son’s picture in internet. Police published his picture as a terrorist.
The play also showed that how the fundamentalist groups were trying to stop the cultural practice among the younger and try to convince them to join with them. The play highlights that how much the youth are so much fond of with their mobile phone, tab, computer and internet that they almost forget about our history and Bengali culture. Even our women in home, who used to read books earlier, now are mad of with Hindi serials than our Bangla culture.
Besides, at the last of the play, the pictures of the “disappearance” people were shown and urged to them to return home.
Sujon Nazeer, Tanjida Nahar, Hasi Chackrabarti, Khairul Islam, Lemon, Sajjad, Raihan and Aurko, among others, acted at the play.
The drama will be staged at the Bangla Academy tomorrow.-RU Correspondent


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