Apu Biswas to quit acting!

Apu Biswas to quit acting!


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Amid the confusion between how Dhallywood actress Apu Biswas left her son locked up in a flat, her sickness and divorce rumors, Apu Biswas has given a hint that she might quit acting. Recently this actress had an accident, leading to tearing of her c-section stitches and a hemorrhage. Apu was treated primarily at a hospital in Dhaka, but later she flew to Kolkata on Friday for better treatment.

However, she had to leave her son, Abram Khan Joy with Apu’s housemaid. Confusion began when Shakib discovered his one-year-old son locked up at Apu’s Niketan flat on Friday. He later became furious and told reporters that who will be responsible if something bad happens to the child?

“How can a mother leave her one-year-old child in a locked flat and go abroad,” he questioned.However, Apu Biswas said in her defense that it was an emergency that’s why she had to leave. Her and Shakib Khan’s son was sick, that’s why Apu couldn’t take him. In defense of leaving Abram in a locked flat she said, “It was not locked from outside, it was locked from inside. I instructed the housemaid to tell it is locked from outside if anyone comes.”

About her condition she said, “Doctor said it was not anything major but I can’t do heavy work anymore. While acting, we have to dance and sometimes take part in an action scene. Doctor instructed me not to do that. So I am thinking of leaving the big screen. However, I will still finish the pending works I have.”


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