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Arrest blogger Niloy killers: 7-day ultimatum of Ganojagaran Manch


The Ganojagaran Manch on Saturday issued an ultimatum of seven days, for the arrest of the killers of blogger Niloy Chatterjee.
The Manch which has been demanding capital punishment for all war criminals since February 5, 2013 also threatened to continue tougher movement if their demands are not meet by August 14.
The Manch will hold a mourning rally at all units of the platform across the country including central Shaheed Minar in the capital simultanously at 3:00 pm on august 14.
Manch spokesperson Dr Imran H Sarker announced this before media in Shabagh intersection in the capital in the evening. Later they brought out a torch procession on DU campus area.Imran said that blogger Niloy was one of the activists of the youth led Ganojagaran Manch which will pay last tribute to the blogger’s portrait at Shabagh at around 4:00pm on Sunday. The Manch will also bring out a ‘mass-march’ across the country, demanding arrest and punishment of murderers of all bloggers including Niloy.
The Manch organised a solidarity discussion at Teachers-Students Center (TSC) cafeteria of Dhaka University.
Educationists, journalists, bloggers group, student leaders, cultural personalities and leaders and activists of the Ganojagaran Manch attended the rally.
Speaking at the discussion, Manch spokesperson Imaran H Sarker blamed the government’s insincerity for preventing the brutal killings of several bloggers in last 6 months in the country.
“The government has totally failed to give securities to the people who practice free-thinking in the country” Imran lamented
He said that the government has hanged only 2 war criminals since 2013 but ‘we have lost 20 fighters who raised voices from the anti-war-criminal platform’. He urged government not to delay the delivery verdicts.
On Friday, assailants killed Ganojagaran Manch activist and blogger Niloy Chatterjee, 40, in the city’s Khilgaon area, sparking outrage over the fourth such murder in the country in a span of six months this year. – News Desk.


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