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Ashraful desires to play this edition BCL


Dhaka – Former Bangladesh national cricket team skipper Mohammad Ashraful, who was banned from all cricketing activities for
eight years on grounds of fixing, has been working hard aiming to return to the domestic cricket as early as possible.”I’m allowed to take part in domestic cricket, like BCL. I’m working hard to return again, if selectors give me chance in any team (BCL team) of this (upcoming) edition,” Ashraful said while talking to reporters at Mirpur Cricket Academy Ground (MCAG) on Tuesday after facing a fitness test,UNB News Agency Reported.
“I loved cricket and still alike in love with cricket. I love to play cricket. Like me, everyone is waiting when I will play cricket. I don’t want to feel them that I was out of cricket for three-year,when I will come back in the cricket,” Ashraful added.He gave the test after two weeks of fitness training under Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)’s jurisdiction from August 18, completing his three-year ban from domestic cricket that ended on August 13.Ashraful had fitness test under Corey Bocking, BCB’s High Performance (HP) unit programme trainer, at MCAG where he ran two kilometers at around 9 minutes.Ashraful will need to run past the distance within 7 to 8 minutes to regain his fitness. He expected that he will able to reach the satisfactory level of fitness within a few more weeks and aimed to be back in competitive cricket soon, if he was given a chance by the selectors.Though Ashraful’s fitness is not up to the mark, Corey Bocking said,”Ashraful is not only physically fit, but also his fitness level is even considerably much better than many active players of the national side.”Ashraful is hoping to stage a comeback by participating in the BCL. But first he has to prove his fitness level, and for that he will undergo another test after three weeks. BCB asked him for another test after 21 days.”I have been practicing here (MCAG) for the last two weeks. I gave a test today and by the grace of almighty Allah the test was fine. The coach is satisfied. Hopefully, I will be able to become hundred percent fit within a short time,” Ashraful said.”I was out of cricket around for the last three and a half years and was not getting chance to practise under BCB, but I’m with cricket. I took all the chances to play cricket anywhere, in the local or foreign event, during my ban (Under BCB and ICC) on cricketing,”Ashraful continued.”I had had all the access to BCB as cricketer when I served for the national team, for 13 years, now getting again. I think, still I’m quite fit and now my aim is to further improvement,” he added.


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