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Atrocity on Rohingyas barbaric: Amartya Sen


Dhaka, Sept 19 – Nobel laureate Prof Amartya Sen and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales have offered to be signatories to the open letter written by Nobel peace laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus to the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) calling for an intervention to end the humanitarian crisis in the Rakhine state of Myanmar.In a letter to Yunus Centre on Tuesday, Amartya Sen expressed his willingness to add his name to the list of signatories to the open letter, said a Yunus Centre release.
Prof Sen wrote to Prof Yunus that he does not usually add his name to joint statements but the ‘the atrocity in Burma on the Rohingyas is so intolerable – and so uniquely – barbaric that I have to sign the letter’ and requested to add his name urgently to the list, it added.
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales also wrote to the Yunus Centre that he is proud to add his name to the list.
Arif Naqvi, a Middle East-based business leader and philanthropist, also requested to add his name to the letter.
The open letter to the UNSC signed by Nobel laureates and global eminent citizens was sent on September 13. With the addition of new three names, the number of signatories to it stands at 36, including 13 Nobel laureates.
In the letter, Dr Yunus said the human tragedy and crimes against humanity have taken a dangerous turn in the Arakan region of Myanmar. It needs your (UNSC) immediate intervention.
“I (Yunus) call on UNSC to intervene immediately by using all available means. I request you to take immediate action for the cessation of indiscriminate military attack on innocent civilians that is forcing them to leave their home and flee the country to turn into stateless people,” he said. – UNB


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