Aussie rock legends Midnight Oil reform

Aussie rock legends Midnight Oil reform


 Australian rock band Midnight Oil, known for their intense live performances and political activism, announced Thursday they are reforming for gigs at home and overseas.

The Oils had worldwide hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s with “Beds are Burning” and “Blue Sky Mine” before disbanding in 2002 when frontman Peter Garrett entered politics.

Known as much for his bald head and lanky frame as his distinctive vocals,he became environment minister in the then Labor government before quitting in 2013.

“We know it’s been a while but we wanted to tell you that the five of us are finally making plans to get together again for some gigs next year,” the band said on their website.

“We’re looking forward to hopefully playing overseas and touring our homeland for the first time since 2002.”

Garrett also said he would be releasing a solo album, having begun writing songs again while working on his recently published memoir.

“A surprising byproduct of writing words all day was to suddenly find music coming back,” he said.

The album’s name and release date are yet to be announced, reports AFP, Sydney.


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