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B Chy slams Nasim for remarks against govt officials


Bikalpo Dhara Bangladesh (BDB) president Prof Badruddoza Chowdhury on Friday castigated Awami League leader Mohammad Nasim for his disparaging remarks against government officials.   “Government officials are not the servants of any particular person or his family, they are meeting their responsibilities by dint of their own merit and as the servants of the people’s republic,” he told a programme at BDB’s head office.   “No one has the right to insult them (govt officials),” B Chowdhury said.   The programme was arranged marking the joining of 200 politicians and professionals to the party.   B Chowdhury also criticised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her speech in the United Nations General Assembly, saying, “In the UN, she has advocated not to buy arms. But she herself has already bought arms worth several thousands taka.”   He also asked the leaders and activists to harness their support to a united opposition to make sure that the next election is held under a caretaker government.   “The Election Commission is a government puppet. It wants to stage a farcical election, but people will accept no election without the caretaker government,” he said. – UNB
Our staff Reporter adds: Prof Dr AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury on Friday called upon the opposition parties to build unity among them based on minimum programme.
“We have to build a greater  unity of the opposition parties based on minimum programme to realize the demand for holding the next election under caretaker government so that the present government cannot come to power again,” he said while addressing a joining meeting at party’s central office at Kuril Biswa Road.
About two hundred leaders and activists of different parties including academics, professionalists and businessmen led by Dr Nazrul Islam Khan joined the Bikalpadhara Bangladesh at the function by offering flowers to Chowdhury.
Chowdhury condemned the statement of Finance Minister AMA Muhith terming students as scoundrel and said he should feel ashamed and resign for making such comments.
He said the arms were used to kill thousands of people and for enforced disappearances.
Chowdhury termed the Election Commission as spineless and said they are subservient of the government and want to hold a election of mockery.


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