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Baby fallen from rooftop dies after 25 days


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The little baby had survived a fatal fall on a roof top of shop where her fragile body wrapped in a quilt landed 25 days ago after an unwed mother discarded her tossing downstairs from the window of fourth floor of an apartment at Bailey Road.But lights went out of her shinning eyes forever at 1-30pm yesterday at the special child care unit of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) betraying the frantic efforts of doctors and nurses, praying silently for her eventual survival.
They named her the Baby of Beauty prompting even the newspaper readers and TV news watchers had their hearts lighting up with he hope that she would survive by a miracle.
At first everyone even the newspaper readers felt it was an act of providence that the new born would survive when police took her to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) from a hospital for children at Moghbazar of a shop below after she was thrown down from the fourth floor of an apartment discarded by her mother on February 1.
The mother worked there as a maid. She told the police that it was her brother-in-law, who made her pregnant. She had no choice but to abandon the baby wrapped in a quilt
The new born with injuries on her head and a leg survived the fall miraculously.
But Dr Khawja Abdul Gafur, assistant director of the DMCH told reporters yesterday that the baby breathed her last early in the afternoon when her condition sunk of a litany of problems with several fractures and infections.
Now the doctors would perform a post-mortem examination on her little body to determine the exact cause of death and then hand it over to the police for burial.
Her mother however, could not see the child she abandoned as unwanted . She was admitted to the one stop crisis centre of the DMCH where she was admitted since the recovery of the infant.

Earlier on Tuesday chairman of a Medical Board and head of the new born department of the DMCH Professor Monisha Banerjee informed the reporters that she was yet to be out of woods with infections in her blood stream and the her femur (thigh bone) that had broken was protruding out of skin, cracks in her cheek bones and blood clots in her skull following the impact of the fall.
She had to be given blood infusion several times and fed through the veins as she could not take her food of her own.


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