Bangladesh women unwilling to take up jobs in Saudi Arabia

Bangladesh women unwilling to take up jobs in Saudi Arabia


A parliamentary standing committee has been told that women in Bangladesh are mostly unwilling to go to Saudi Arabia to work as house help.Officials at the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment told the parliament committee that ‘false propaganda’ created an adverse image of Saudi Arabia as a workplace for women, committee member Md Ayeen Uddin told said the ministry officials told the committee that only 2,570 women registered for seeking employment as house help in Saudi Arabia until Mar 31, the last date fixed for registration.Extending the date has not helped, he said.Under an agreement signed on Feb 10, Bangladesh had agreed to provide Saudi Arabia with 1,20,000 women house helpers on a monthly salary of 800 riyals ( Tk16,000) .That would mean sending 10,000 women to work in Saudi Arabia every month for a year.A Saudi gazette publication recently explained the reluctance of Bangladesh women to work as house help to ‘cultural differences’.The ministry officials told the parliamentary committee that Saudi Arabia presents a negative image as a work place for women because of much propaganda about torture of house helpers in the oil-rich desert nation.

“Many cases of house helpers denied a return home despite falling sick has been reported from Saudi Arabia. The media has also reported quite a lot about torture of expatriate women working in Saudi homes,” said Ayeen Uddin.”That is why women from Bangladesh appear unwilling to go to Saudi Arabia for work.”In recent months, Asian media extensively reported horrendous gang rapes of two Nepali house helpers by a Saudi diplomat and his friends in Delhi.The diplomat managed to evade prosecution in India using his diplomatic immunity but he had to be withdrawn to Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia resumed labour imports from Bangladesh this year after having stopped it in 2008.Some 1.28 million Bangladeshis work in Saudi Arabia, making it the country’s largest destination for labour exports.The parliament secretariat says 4,14,812 Bangladeshis have left to work in foreign countries from January this year until now.The Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Nurul Islam BSc was present at the meeting of the parliament committee dealing with his department on Tuesday.The committee is headed by Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun.


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