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BB Governor meets green economy experts


BB Governor Dr. Atiur Rahman met senior green economy experts Hans-Peter Egler and Daniel Wiener from ECOS (ecology, economy and social responsibility), a subsidiary of Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Foundation based on Basel in a sideline event during the Annual General Meeting of Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The delegation discussed with the Governor and his team about the possibility of collaborating on raising green fund for sustainable infrastructure focusing on textile and leather sectors. They brought with them huge expertise on raising standards of green infrastructure, efficient production processes and proper waste management. Also they promised to link Bangladesh Bank and other entities of Bangladesh with the global green platforms. The meeting concluded with a promise by the experts to work with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for promoting sustainable infrastructure in Bangladesh. It is noted that Bangladesh is a founding member of the AIIB. In the AGM of the BIS Governor Rahman exchanged views with many other governors including the FED chair Janet Yellen. He shared with her the progress Bangladesh Bank has been making on sustainable financing and inclusive growth. Press release


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