BD Parliament panel reports on bills to increase President, PM's remuneration

BD Parliament panel reports on bills to increase President, PM’s remuneration


Dhaka – The parliamentary standing committee’s reports on five bills related to the rise of remuneration and privileges for the President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Ministers and MPs were presented today.
Chairman of The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Ministry Suranjit Sengupta presented the reports in the House after scrutiny of the bills.The five bills are ‘The President’s (Remuneration and Privileges) (Amendment) Bill, 2016,’ ‘The Prime Minister’s (Remuneration and Privileges) (Amendment) Bill, 2016,’ ‘Speaker and Deputy Speaker (Remuneration and Privileges) (Amendment) Bill, 2016,’ ‘The Ministers, Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers (Remuneration and Privileges) (Amendment) Bill, 2016′ and ‘Members of Parliament (Remuneration and Allowances) (Amendment) Bill, 2016.’
The three bills proposed separately to increase the monthly salary to Tk 1,20,000 from existing Tk 61,100 for the President, while Tk 1,15,000 from Tk 58,600 for the Prime Minister, Tk 1,12,000 from Tk 57,200 for the Speaker and 1,05,000 from Tk 53,100 for the Deputy Speaker.
Besides, a bill also proposed to enhance monthly salary of a minister from Tk 53,100 to Tk 1,05,000, while state minister from Tk 47,800 to Tk 92,000 and deputy minister from Tk 45,150 to Tk 86,500.
A separate bill proposed to raise monthly remuneration to Tk 55,000 from the existing Tk 27,500 for a Member of Parliament (MP).
Moreover, the five bills proposed to increase other privileges for them.


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