BGB & Coast Guard to deploy in Dec 30 polls

BGB & Coast Guard to deploy in Dec 30 polls


Alongside the regular law enforcement agencies, a platoon of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) will be deployed on election duty in each of 102 municipalities for four days from December 28 to 31.The Home Ministry on Wednesday sent a draft notification over the deployment of law enforcers for election duty to the EC Secretariat for vetting ahead of the December 30 polls in 233 municipalities across the country.

According to the draft notification, at least 233 mobile teams of Rab will remain on patrol, while 233 other teams comprising members of the police, the APBn and the Ansar will act as striking force for the four days.

As many as 81 teams of Rab will also act as striking force in 81 municipalities.

Besides, a platoon of Coast Guard will be on election duty in each of six municipalities –-Muladi, Mehendiganj, Patharghata, Ramgati, Hatia and Sandip– for the four days.

Moreover, a 19-member security team will guard every normal polling station, while a 20-member team will protect every vulnerable polling station.

In the 19-member security team for a normal polling station, there will be five police members with arms, two Ansar members with arms and 12 Ansar/VDP members with sticks.

In case of the 20-member team for a vulnerable polling station, there will be six police members with arms.

Meanwhile, the Home Ministry on Wednesday sent a proposal seeking allocation of over Tk 68 crore for some 73,700 law enforcers for their engagement in election duty. But the Election Commission has kept Tk 55 crore for the law and order in the election.

The Election Commission has earlier estimated costs of Tk 100 crore for arranging the countrywide municipal polls. Of the amount, Tk 55 crore has been kept for maintaining the law and order, while the remaining Tk 45 crore for conducting the election.

In the proposal, the ministry sought Tk 11.42 crore for allowance, Tk 36.12 crore for conveyance cost, Tk 6.5 crore for other costs, Tk 5.58 crore for dried food and Tk 8.95 for activities of intelligence agencies.

An official at the EC Secretariat said over 100,000 security members will be on election duty in 233 municipalities.


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