BNP call hartal for Today, Jamaat supports

BNP call hartal for Today, Jamaat supports


Opposition BNP and its key ally Jamaat-e-Islami called countrywide dawn-to-dusk hartal for Thursday in protest against the attack of police on leaders and activists of the parties during their Wednesday’s nationwide protest.

Acting Secretary General of BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and Jamaat Acting Secretary General Rafiqul Islam made the announcements at separate briefings on Wednesday afternoon.
Earlier in the day, over 20 BNP leaders and activists were injured as police opened fire on them while they were locked into a clash with law enforcers in the area.
On Tuesday, the opposition BNP observed countrywide dawn-to-dusk shutdown.
On the other hand, Jamaat in its statement said they decided to enforce hartal on the day in protest against police obstacle and firing on their countrywide processions demanding release of Delawar Hossain Sayedee.
At least 30 people, including law enforcers, were injured in a cop-Jamaat clash in Rajshahi city in the afternoon.
Witnesses said Jamaat-Shibir activists locked into clash when police obstructed their procession in the area. They blasted some cocktails and police opened rubber bullets and teargas shells to bring the situation under control.
On Tuesday last, opposition BNP observed hartal protesting “genocide” across the country.

Jamaat enforced nonstop 48-hour hartal on Sunday and Monday last in protest against the death penalty for its leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee. ource:

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