BNP demands proper investigation of BB reserve theft

BNP demands proper investigation of BB reserve theft


Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) yesterday demanded of the government to hold a proper investigation into the cyber heist of Bangladesh Bank’s reserve and to hold trial of it.“The incident took place inside the Bangladesh Bank with connivance of high profile officials of the bank was not an incident of hacking but it was a digital robbery or decoity,” claimed BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

Addressing a press conference at BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office, he also demanded of the government to put up the entire issue before the nation.

“The government in no way can shirk its responsibility from the cyber heist. It could not provide any satisfactory explanation behind the theft,” he said.

The BNP leader said as a responsible political party thinks that the details of cyber heist should be put up before the nation after holding a proper investigation into the incident.

“The entire nation wants to know as to how the incident took place and who were involved in the plundering of money,” he said.

Fakhrul said the plundering of Bangladesh Bank’s money was tantamount to a severe blow to country’s sovereignty and banking system which would make the people loose their confidence over the banking system.

“The resignation of the government was not the only solution but the perpetrators mush be brought to justice after holding proper investigation into the matter,” he said.
The party at the press conference presented a information technology based presentation on the whole episode outlining as to how 800 crore of taka was stolen from Bangladesh Bank reserve with the US Federal Bank in New York.

BNP executive committee member and software engineer Shama Obaid made the presentation based on views and opinion of local and foreign experts over the cyber heist.

In her review of the entire matter, Shama said it is only possible for persons responsible for the matter but none from the outsiders.

Prof Matt Bishop Department of Computer Science University of California, USA in his opinion given on skype said someone who had the access to use the swift system of the Bangladesh Bank was involved into the cyber robbery.

He also rejected the possibility of plundering the money through malware.

BNP leaders-Dr Khondaker Mosharraf Hossain, ASM Hannan Shah, Dr Abdul Moeen Khan, Goyeshwar Chandra Roy, Shah Moazzem Hossain, Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf, Abdullah Al Noman, Dr Osman Faruk and Prof Mahbub Ullah, among others, were present at the press conference.


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