BNP doesn't believe in politics of killing: Ripon said about PM's remark

BNP doesn’t believe in politics of killing: Ripon said about PM’s remark


BNP on Monday termed travesty of truth statement agaist the Prime Minister’s remark that BNP has resorted to secret killings and feared that such remarks may hamper unveiling the mystery behind the recent killings.“BNP always does democratic politics …it doesn’t believe in the politics of killing. Even after that when the head of the government says BNP has started carrying out secret killings, it’s nothing but misrepresentation of truth,” said BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon.

Addressing a press briefing at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, he further said, “Such remark may create obstacles to impartial investigations and revealing the truth. We strongly condemn and protest the remarks.”

Addressing a rally at the city’s Suhrawardy Udyan, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday alleged Khaleda Zia is now out on a killing mission assassinating Awami League leaders, activists, writers, publishers and foreigners in her evil bid to tarnish the country’s image aboard.

Hasina also reportedly at a programme on Sunday said BNP and Jamaat have resorted to secret killings after their abortive movement.

Reacting to the PM’s comment, Ripon said such remarks about the country’s one of the premier parties is unexpected and it may reinforce the bad politics in the country.

The BNP spokesman also renewed his party’s call for convening an all-party meeting to work out steps to stop the repeat of killing and secret attacks and ensure public security.

Ripon harshly criticised Awami League joint secretary general Mahbubul Alam Hanif for his comment that slain publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan’s father and Dhaka University’s ex-Prof Abul Kashem Fazlul Haq does not want the trial of the killers of his son as he perhaps believes in the political ideology of the assailants.

Mentioning that slain blogger Avijit Roy’s wife also said she does not want the trial of her husband, the BNP leader suggested the ruling party leader to seek apology to Dipan’s father and Avijit’ wife.

The BNP leader said the entire nation got stunned and surprised by Hanif’s comment about a dejected father who lost his son.

Claiming Dipan an active organiser imbued with the ideals of BNP founder Ziaur Rahman, he demanded a proper investigation into his murder.

Ripon said the real perpetrators will remain untouched if the government tries to implicate its opponents in the murder with an ill-motive to harass them. “We hope the government will take steps to ensure impartial probes into all killings including that of Dipan.”


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