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BNP doubts fair election


The BNP has doubted the fairness of the Election Commission and said a free and fair municipal polls may not be possible on Dec 30.“The Election Commission’s role from the very beginning is not an impartial one. It’s totally partisan,” senior leader Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said on Sunday.“It’s clear how free and fair the municipal polls will be,” the BNP acting secretary general told the media at the party headquarters.He said that a ‘little effort’ by Election Commission (EC) could have led to a fair poll. “They (EC) played an impartial role during the caretaker governments. But we do not find the slightest trace of impartiality in this Election Commission.”Fakhrul, who was released from prison on bail on Tuesday, said that the EC has rushed things and not given ‘sufficient time’ for the parties to prepare for the polls.


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