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BNP feels reorganisation of party is necessary to drive movement


Terming the Awami League-led government ‘fascist and autocratic’ one, BNP senior leaders on Saturday underscored the need for reorganising their party to make its movement for the ‘restoration’ of democracy a success.“It’ll be of no use to raise slogans and hold indoor discussions if we can’t reorganise our party. We must carry out a peaceful and democratic movement together with people to restore democracy and pave the way for safe homecoming of our senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman,” BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain told a discussion.
BNP arranged the programme at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh, marking the 9th ‘jail release’ day of Tarique, who has been living in London since 2008.
Mosharraf said the country’s people are upset with the government’s misrule and repressive acts. “The government can’t ensure public security while the emergence of militancy triggered serious panic in public minds. The economy is at stake due to widespread corruption and plundering. So, people want to get rid of this regime.”
He said it is the responsibility of BNP to save the country’s people from the current ‘undercover one-party Baksal’ rule, and restore democracy in the country as its founder Ziaur Rahman did it after 1975.
Mosharraf said though their senior vice chairman Tarique had been freed from jail during the 1/11 government, he cannot return home from London as the country is not safe for him.
“Tarique will return home like a hero if we can establish an elected government in the country through a fair election ousting the current government,” he observed.
The BNP leader alleged that the government has not left any political space for the opposition parties as they cannot bring out any procession and hold a public rally. “We aren’t allowed to take out a rally marking our founding anniversary. Our leaders and activists have been obstructed at many places across the country to observe our founding anniversary programmes.”
Speaking at the programme, another BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas said it will not be possible to unseat the current government if BNP is not properly reorganised. “We’ve to bear it in mind the current regime is blood thirsty. It’s indulging in killing, enforced disappearance and repressive acts are their now main task to cling to power.”
Mentioning that a movement from indoor will not work against a demon like government, he said, “Our movement will be successful if we can revamp our party and take to the streets together with people.”
He said the government is trying to eliminate BNP through repression and harassment. “They can weaken us for the time being but, won’t be able to eliminate us. BNP will surely rebound and return to power.”
BNP vice chairmen M Shahjahan, Barrister Aminul Haq, AZM Zahid, Shamsuzzaman Dudu, Ahmed Azam Khan and chairperson’s adviser and Dhaka University Prof Sukomal Barua, among others, spoke at the programme held with its vice chairman Harun-or-Rashid in the chair.


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