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BNP leaders have to go to jail but we will also meet them in prison: Gayeshwar


Dhaka-BNP standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy yesterday apprehended that there is a chance of creating another 1/11 episode and politicians may land in jail altogether in the near future.“The way the ruling Awami League government is taking the country to a wrong direction, we (the BNP leaders) will have to go to jail in few days. There is no reason to think that we (the BNP leaders) only go to jail but we will also meet them (ruling party leaders) in prison,” he said while speaking at a discussion meeting at the Jatiya Press Club.
The BNP leader said he thinks there would be a grand get-together in jail.
“Perhaps we’ll go first and clean the prison to receive them later. But, we all go must,” he added.
The country witnessed the 1/11 changeover as military-backed caretaker government takeover on 11 January 2007 dismantling the council of advisers of Prof. Iajuddin Ahmed-led caretaker government.
Goyeshwar said his party wants to maintain friendly relation with other countries but not slavery. Friendship does not mean accepting directives from other to run own country, he said.
He said the AL would retain to power making India satisfies not 16 crore people of the country as they are staying in power by fulfilling their demands.
Democratic Movement, a pro-democratic organisaiton, arranged the meeting recalling the memory of senior journalist Sadek Khan, who died on 16 May.
The BNP leader urged the party leaders and workers to get united and take a vow to restore democracy by making any kind of sacrifice.
“No one will be able to escape the repressive acts, even if they try to keep the government happy using techniques,” he warned.
He criticised a section of media for what he said publishing lopsided news on the arrest of Shafik Rehman and BNP leader Aslam Chowdhury.
Presided over by Shahadat Hossain, adviser of the host organisation, the meeting was also addressed, among others, by Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury, journalist Mahfuz Ullah, Sadek Khan’s younger sister and BNP vice chairman Selima Rahman and BNP chairperson’s adviser Shamsuzzaman Dudu.-STAFF REPORTER


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