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BNP will be thrown into dustbin of history, says Syed Ashraf


Dhaka – Awami League general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam on Monday said BNP will be thrown into the dustbin of history if it fails to accept the truth.
“The formation of a party doesn’t mean it’ll survive forever. A party can lose its existence if it refuses to accept the reality,” he said while speaking at a press briefing after a meeting of AL secretaries at the AL president’s Dhanmondi political office.
Noting that falsehood can never turn into truth, no matter if it is said 100 times or 1000 times, the minister for Public Administration said with the hope that BNP will realise it.He also said if anyone wants to do politics in Bangladesh, he or she should accept the ‘historical truth’
The AL general secretary strongly criticised BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia for her remarks on the Liberation War and the number of martyrs who laid down their lives during the War.
“Khaleda Zia had never been a supporter of Liberation War and can’t be in her life either. She can’t accept the creation of Bangladesh. Pakistan is her sacred place and she can’t move even an inch from it,” he added.
Ashraf however said the people will not accept any evil attempt of BNP and its chief to create controversies over the number of martyrs, the proclamation of independence by Bangabandhu, his contribution and Liberation War.
About BNP’s allegation that the government is conspiring to keep Khaleda Zia out of politics, he said Awami League never hatches any plot as it does not believe in conspiracy. “The party believes in multiparty democracy. However, those who don’t accept Bangladesh have no right to do politics here.”
Asked about the comment of the Chief Justice that judges must not write verdicts after retirement, the Awami League general secretary said, “He (CJ) didn’t make the comment about any verdict; rather he said this at a seminar. So it doesn’t carry any importance.”
He went on saying, “We’ve constitutional court…that’s the Supreme Court. No verdict came from the court in this regard. Besides, the chief justice alone said this. Other judges didn’t say anything favouring or opposing it,” he said
Mentioning that Bangladesh is an open democratic society where anyone can speak anything without any hindrance, Syed Ashraf said BNP, being defeated in the political field, will waste time if they keep them busy with what judges and others are saying.
“The next general election will be held in time as per the Constitution. I hope BNP wouldn’t make any mistake in the election. They would join the polls under the present Constitution and this will be an important decision. If the party again chooses the path of boycott, there’ll be no political party named BNP in the country,” he added. – UNB


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