Bnp workers cann't be demoralised by threat to try Khaleda: Ripon

Bnp workers cann’t be demoralised by threat to try Khaleda: Ripon


BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon on Monday said that the government cannot demoralise the opposition leaders and activists by threatening to try their chairperson Khaleda Zia under a tribunal.
“We want to tell the government that it’s pointless to threaten BNP. We don’t believe in the politics of threat and we’re not frightened by any threat either. They (govt) won’t be able to demoralise the BNP leasers and activists or suppress the party by saying Khaleda Zia will be tried under a special tribunal,’’ he said.Addressing a press briefing at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, Ripon further said, “We want to clearly say the allegations for which the government is threatening to form the tribunal (to try Khaleda) are false, fabricated and baseless.”
Reiterating his party’s stance on the subversive acts carried out during the BNP-led 20-party alliance’s movement in the first three months of this year, he said BNP men has no relation with the violence. “We demanded twice an international investigation under the UN’s supervision into the subversive acts.”
Ripon, also a BNP international affairs secretary, said the real perpetrators of the violent incidents will be identified if an international probe is carried out.
He said people will not accept if the government tries to harass Khaleda by forming the tribunal without any international investigation into the allegations brought against her.
On Saturday, Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu said d a tribunal will be formed after Eid-ul-Fitr for quick disposal of the cases filed against BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia for ‘instigating’ arson attacks during the BNP-led 20-party alliance’s movement.
Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Parliament said a tribunal will be formed to try Khaleda Zia and her associates for ‘instigating’ petrol bombings during the BNP-led 20-party alliance’s agitations in the first three months of this year against the government.
Coming down hard on the Information Minister for what he said threatening Khaleda of trying under a tribunal, Ripon said Inu who contested the polls with another party’s symbol getting politically bankrupt is now bragging about the BNP chief’s trial. “I want remind him to get ready for his trial. There’ll be no use of issuing any threat as no one can annihilate the party and its leadership which has immense public support.”
He demanded the government release the senior BNP leaders before eid. “The government can release the opposition leaders before eid under a special arrangement if it has goodwill and intention to create a congenial political atmosphere.”
The BNP spokesman also urged the government to take necessary steps so that the eid holidaymakers can safely go to their homes and return from there without any hassle.
“We hope the government will make all necessary arrangements so that people can travel on the roods safely during the eid vacation. We want to warn the government in advance to take all steps so that the passengers don’t face any harassment and untoward incident like mugging and robbery,” Ripon said.
He also called upon the government to put law enforcers on alert on highways and waterways to avert any accident.- UNB


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