BNP's remarks on Kalyanpur operation prove its involvement: PM

BNP’s remarks on Kalyanpur operation prove its involvement: PM


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said BNP leaders’ remarks over the Kalyanpur operation prove that the party is the patron of militants and terrorists.”Naturally, country’s people might think they (BNP) are the patrons of militants and terrorists…they’re patronising and encouraging this,” she said responding to a supplementary question from ruling party MP Dr Dipu Moni in Parliament during the PM’s question-answer session.The Prime Minister mentioned that police and other law enforcement agencies took prompt steps to contain the militants when they were ready to carry out another incident in the country. “The police force contained the militants playing a courageous role. I think this is just a blessing from Allah that the country and the nation averted another accident,” she said.She said BNP’s statements after the incident made it clear that they are tagging conditions for militancy being stopped. “When they say ‘do this or terrorism will not be stopped, militancy won’t stop’, and that means they’ll stop these if their conditions are accepted,” she said terming those very regretful.

Hasina again urged the country’s people to be aware of it, saying the menace will be faced through united efforts. “That unity has already been forged,” she said.She also warned that those encouraging terrorists and militants will have to face legal actions. “Certainly, we’ll take legal actions against them,” she said.Noting that terrorism and militancy have now spread across the globe like a disease, the Prime Minister said the Gulshan terror attack has put a scratch on the country’s image. “These elements are destroying the image of holy religion Islam which is the religion of peace through these hatred killings.”She also said whenever the government digs into the roots of terrorists and militants, it was found all are linked with Jamaat which was rehabilitated in the country by BNP. “BNP came into being through killings and coups which reinstated Jamaat that collaborated with Pakistani occupational forces during the Liberation war.”Jamaat is responsible for killings, arsons, raping of women and looting during the Liberation War. After the independence, Jamaat men were put under trial for their deeds and were convicted,” she recalled.Hasina said BNP after assuming power had amended the Constitution through martial law ordinances and gave Jamaat the rights to do politics in the country.Urging people to raise their voice against militancy and terrorism, she said this menace will never be allowed to prevail in Bangladesh.Responding to a query from Mir Mostaq Ahmed Robi, the Prime Minister said Jamaat got the chance to establish it financially and organisationally during the BNP-led four-party alliance government.”They also established their dominance in print and electronic media. As a result, some print and electronic media, which follow their ideology, are seen engaged in anti-government activities whenever they get chances,” she told the House.She also said the government is extensively monitoring the contents of the print and electronic media that indirectly encourage terrorists.


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