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Brig (retd) Hannan Shah for fresh city polls


BNP leader Hannan Shah alleged government snatched voter’s rights through massive vote rigging during the city corporation elections. Taking part in a BBC dialogue he also demanded fair and acceptable election immediately.
Refuting Hannan Shah’s allegation, Suranjit said “this is a completely baseless allegation and there is no truth in it.”
He also criticised BNP’s decision to withdraw from election in midway. “If they would continue the poll till last result could be different.”Discussants at BBC Sanglap on Saturday said there is no possibility of a third political force evolving in the country’s politics in the near future as per the indication of city polls held on April 28.
The 115th episode of the BBC Sanglap was held at Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) Auditorium.
Awami League Senior Leader Suranjit Sengupta, BNP standing committee member Hannan Shah, Democracy Watch’s executive director Taleya Rahman and Executive Director of Manusher Jonno Foundation, Shahin Anam took part as a panel discussants at the program.
Observing that there are no possibilities of a third force rising in country’s politics except two major political parties Awami League and BNP, Hannan Shah said people can’t see any leader with leadership and human qualities.
Observing time will say whether a third major political party will emerge or not other than Awami League and BNP, Suranjit said “I became parliament member for four times from a small political party. It is possible and happened in the past to be a leader from a small party but now someone needs money to be elected.”
“Left political parties now become part of civil society,” he added.
Taleya Rhaman stressed on ensuring level playing field for all the participants as some one new can be elected and emerge as leader in the process.
Observing people have a comfort zone with two major political parties Awami League and BNP Shahin Anam said “But now time has come to think in a different way”.
Suranjit also demanded to announce all local elections as a Party-labeled Election through amending a new law immediately. – UNB


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