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Bumper jackfruit production likely in Bogra


An eye bumper production of juicy tasteful jackfruit is likely in this season as the weather condition is most favorable for growing it. Harvesting of the fruits will begin from coming month in the district this season, official sources said.
Horticulture specialist of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Chandi Das predicted bumper production of the jackfruit if the climatic condition continues to remain favorable during the next months. He said that frequent rainfalls since April last have been helping a lot in better growth of the tender fruit predicting better production of the local variety aristocrat jackfruit having huge demand both at home and abroad. According to the DAE sources, commercial cultivation of jackfruit in homestead has already become popular among the farmers and expands every year to bring self-reliance to hundreds of rural people in the district in recent years. More than 12, 00 jackfruit growers and commoners have cultivated the fruits in 20000 small, medium, big orchards and also on the homesteads on over 25,700 hectares this season.The tasteful fruit is mostly being cultivated in the orchards in Sibgonjj, Kahaloo Dupchanchia, Adamdighi, sadar, Nandigram, Gabtoly, Sonatola, Sariakandi, Sherpur and Dhunot upazila of the district in this year. A jackfruit Abdul Karim Bathanda village of Dupchanchia upazila said, “I planted around 30 trees in my own land spending tk. 1200 last few years and this year all of the trees have been carried a good jackfruit.” “I expect tk. around 50 thousand as profit from the trees.” he added.Md. Emdadul Haque, Dupchanchia


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