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Bumper production of Boro expected in Netrakona


Farmers of the district are expecting a bumper production of Boro as they are getting maximum output of the paddy in most of the areas during the current season.
The farmers started harvesting of the paddy in most of the areas including haor areas of the district during the last week and they have already completed harvesting of nearly 30 percent the paddy.Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) office source said, a total of 1,80,038 hectors of land have been brought under the cultivation with the production of about seven lakh tonnes of paddy.But, the cultivators could bring 1,83,595 hectors of land under the cultivation exceeding the fixed cultivation target. So, the production of the paddy would be much higher than the fixed target, the sources said.Crops specialists of DAE said the Boro cultivators are getting maximum yield of the paddy in elsewhere of the district as the climate remained favorable during the whole season and the farmers were inspired by the field-level agriculture officials to take modern cultivation methods for boosting the production by reducing the production costs.Deputy Director of DAE Samir Kumar Sarker said, they are expecting desired yields due to favourable climate, proper irrigation and supply of quality seeds, fertilizers, electricity, insecticides, proper care and monitoring by the concerned officials.The state-run commercial banks including Bangladesh Krishi Bank distributed special Boro crops loan among the cultivators to make the cultivation programme success.BSS, Netrakona


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