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Car repair forces Khaleda not to campaign on Thursday


Khaleda Zia refrained from coming out of her home to campaign for her party-backed Dhaka mayor candidates, as her car damaged in attacks since Monday was was still under repair at workshop.
Bnp sources said most cars of her motorcade, especially those used by her security force, close aides and journalists were not ready to operate on Thursday and were not returned from workshop.The BNP chairperson started campaigning from Saturday. After facing pro-Awami League obstructions at Uttara on Sunday, her Nissan SUV and other convoy vehicles have come under attacks consecutively on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdday.
One of the windshields of her SUV was broken when a group of BCL members hammered the vehicle with batons and hockey sticks at the capital’s Bangla Motor intersection on Wednesday.
The vehicles of her security staff were also damaged. Some of the securitymen had been critically injured in the attack.
Latter, Khaleda’s SUV, along with other vehicles, was sent to a workshop for repairs.
Khaleda decided to not go out on Thursday, as the vehicles had not returned in time, her Special Assistant Shamsur Rahman Shimul Biswas told journalists.
“She was ready. But the vehicles had not been repaired and were yet to return. That’s why she won’t be going out,” he said.
Around 15 minutes later, one of the eight vehicles of the BNP chief’s security personnel arrived at her Gulshan residence.
Its driver said new window glasses had been fitted. It was the only vehicle of the security staff that had been repaired till Thursday.
Khaleda’s Nissan SUV reached her home around 5pm after repairs. Apart from a smashed left windowpane, its beck windshield and bumper, too, had come off during Wednesday’s attack. – News Desk


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