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Cargo vessel hits oil tanker: Oil spills in Kirtankhola


Barisal, July – A huge quantity of oil spilled in the Kirtankhola River as an oil-laden vessel collided with another vessel at Charkaua point of the river in Barisal on Friday.Navy police official said the incident took place in the morning when Barisal-bound oil-laden vessel ‘MT Fazal’ from Chittagong collided with cement raw materials-carrying cargo vessel ‘MV Ma-Babar Doa’.
Efforts are on to stop the oil spill, they said.
MV Fazar was transporting fuel oil to Jamuna Oil Depot when it crashed with cargo ship MV Ma Babar Doa-2, said Commander Rafikul Islam of Nirbhik, a rescue ship by Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority or BIWTA.
The tanker vessel from Chittagong was carrying 950,000 litres of diesel and 300,000 litres of petrol before the crash, he said. Diesel has spilled into the river but authorities failed to specify the amount.
MV Ma Babar Doa-2, loaded with fly ash, was headed to Dhaka from Mongla.
Both vessels have been partially damaged by the impact.
There are no immediate reports of injuries. A collision of the oil takner with the cargo ship caused diesel to spill into the river. – Agencies


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