Cattle flood Dhaka's sacrificial animal markets

Cattle flood Dhaka’s sacrificial animal markets


Dhaka – A huge number of cattle has arrived in the city from different parts of the country and buyers started visiting 20 sacrificial animal markets on Friday.

Cattle traders started bringing their animals to city corporations’ temporary markets about a week ahead of the formal opening of the cattle hats.

Different cattle markets in the city including Dhupkhola playground, Golapbagh ground, Brothers Union playground and Agargaon are flooded with sacrificial animals.

Cattle market at Brothers Union play ground has been overflowed by cows, buffalos and goats and spread to nearby lanes and roads hampering the movements of traffic.

Officials of two city corporations in Dhaka, said that magistrate’s courts are working to identify illegal markets and remove those.

Cattle traders said the price of cattle is now showing a downward trend, as a record number of cows and buffalos have been imported from India this time. Besides, a huge number of cattle have come from the neighbouring country through informal trading.

The traders alleged that a section of ruling party activists in connivance with police have been extorting wholesale cattle traders in different places including Aricha, Bangabandhu Bridge and Mawaghat on their way to Dhaka.

Our Manikganj correspondent reports a vested quarter has been extorting the cattle traders in the name of different associations and police. Besides, the traders are forced to pay enhanced fare even double or triple of the normal rate to cross the rivers Padma and Jamuna.

The traders are allegedly forced to pay extortionists 10 to 12 places including both sides of the Bangabandhu Bridge and Amin Bazar. Local musclemen in league with law enforcers realise extortion from cattle traders at the rate of Tk 200 to Tk 300 per truck.

According to city corporation officials, the cattle markets have been leased out for four days from October 13 to October 16, the Eid day.

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) have leased out 20 cattle hats, including the permanent market at Gabtoli, in different parts of the capital for about Tk 20 crore.

The DSCC has leased out 10 markets for over Taka six crore. The markets are—Hazaribagh, Rahmatganj playground, Meradia Bazar, Sadeque Hossain Khoka ground, Golapbagh ground, Armanitola, North Shajahanpur, Dhupkhola playground, Brothers Union playground and Postagola.

The DNCC has leased out 10 cattle hats including the permanent one at Gabtoli for Tk 13.67 crore. The nine other markets are—Uttara-Azampur, Khilkhet-Banorupa Residential Area, Agargaon, Taltola, Mirpur Ward No-6, Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, Baridhara “J” Block, Uttara Section No-13-16 and Banani-Kakoli.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of DSCC Ansar Ali said they have taken measures to ensure good atmosphere in the cattle markets both for buyers and sellers and cleanliness of the markets.

Chief estate officer of DSCC Khalid Ahmed said they leased out 10 markets for over Taka six crore which is more than the previous year.

He said many conditions including keeping the cattle within the periphery of the market, tie the animals with bamboo polls and not to realise more than five per cent of hasil (tax) were imposed on lessee to run the cattle markets. “If any lessee violates the condition, he/she will be fined,” he added.

“Magistrate courts and police have been deployed to maintain law and order and control over the cattle markets so that buyers and sellers are not harassed,” said the DSCC official.

He said the DSCC would deploy two mobile teams to monitor the situation of the markets. Besides, he said coordinated effort has been taken to ensure cleanliness in the cattle markets.

Chief estate officer of DNCC Mohammad Fasiullah said they have leased out 10 markets for Tk 13.67 crore, which is almost double than the previous year.

He said the DNCC has taken necessary measures to ensure hat management during the scheduled hat days.

The measure include maintaining law and order, ensuring safety and security of buyers and sellers, protecting them from molom (snatchers, who used bams on eyes) party, deploying police, Ansar and magistrates to discourage temporary hats, conducting mobile courts, installation of CCTV, establishments, necessary number of booths and machine detecting fake currency, he said.

The DNCC official hoped that this time the cattle buyers and sellers would get a better hat management and environment in the cattle hats.

A cow trader said, the traders have been bringing sacrificial animals to the city markets from different parts of the country, including Rangpur, Dinajpur, Rajshahi, Chapainawabganj, Pabna, Bogra, Faridpur, Jessore, Kushtia and Chuadanga.

Besides, he said huge number of Indian cows would also be brought to the cattle markets through different border points.

Buyers are also crowding at different cattle markets including Gabtoli hat to buy their sacrificial animals.

Traders said that many people were arriving at Gabtoli hat only to have the glimpses of camels and ‘dumbas’ in particular.

Meanwhile, our Chuadanga correspondent said cattle traders both from Dhaka and other districts started buying sacrificial animals from local cattle markets from early this month.

There are seven to eight local cattle markets in Chuadanga where all kinds of cows, including that are imported from India and other animals are found.

Local traders and farmers are being affected allegedly not getting just price of their cattle this time. A cow that can produce 80kgs of meat is being sold at a cost of Tk 23,000 whereas the same cow fetched Tk 35,000 last year.

Jessore correspondent however reports that the price of sacrificial animals in the local markets is more than the price of previous year.

Two to three trucks loaded with cows are coming from India to India through Benapole land port every night. Besides, one to two trucks loaded with cows come to Dhaka from local markets. – Staff Reporter



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