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Chhatra League leader sued for attacking female student


A female student has lodged a case against a Chhatra League leader of Bangla College, accusing him of physically attacking her.Mirpur Police Station Sub Inspector Md Ohidul Islam said that the girl had filed the case at around 12:30 pm on Friday.The case accuses, apart from Chhatra League leader Mojibur Rahman Anik, a few others.The complainant claimed that Anik and two others had attacked her near Bangla College earlier on Friday.She told, “I was standing on the street when Anik and his accomplices attacked me with machetes.”She alleged that they aimed to strike her on the neck. As she dodged the assault, she was wounded on her right hand, she claimed.About their motive for the attack, she said, “I had protested Anik’s previous misdeeds, which now has led to this attack.”She declined, however, to provide details of the Chhatra League leader’s ‘misdeeds’.


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