Children's musical Nuclear Kids was sold out in Hungary's Paks

Children’s musical Nuclear Kids was sold out in Hungary’s Paks


The musical show “Ask Rutherford” was successfully performed in the Hungarian town Paks as part of the 7th international children’s art project “Nuclear Kids 2015″. 70 children from Belarus, Hungary, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the Czech Republic participated in the show. Remembering 70th anniversary of the tragic event of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the script of the musical refers to the history of the nuclear industry of Russia, the 70th anniversary of which is celebrated this year.As the author of the idea of the project Nuclear Kids Sergei Novikov, Director of the Communications Department of ROSATOM noted, the authors of the show presented how could be the young Igor Kurchatov at the age 11 to 16 years. The performance ends up with the message by the grown up Igor Kurchatov that, created nuclear weapons not to use, but to ensure that no one else on the earth has the temptation to use it.
Participants of the project during the final stage sang a song about the peaceful use of the atom, after which they launched to the auditorium white paper “cranes” as a symbol of peace. “Atomic Children” prepared a special roll-up with a photo of the project participants lined up in the form of the Japanese origami “crane”. Children decided to give the symbolic ‘crane’ to the Hiroshima Peace Museum. On 6 August members of the project passed the roll-up to the representative of the Japanese Embassy in Budapest.
The final point of the tour will be in Moscow, where the musical will be shown on 13 and 14 August at the theater Et Cetera.
Nuclear Kids: International children’s art project of ROSATOM, unites talented children of the employees of the nuclear industry in Russia and abroad, partners of Rosatom to produce and perform a bright musical show. The purpose of the project – strengthening of friendly ties between the children of the employees of the nuclear industry in different countries, the creation of conditions for the creative development of talented children, promotion of nuclear power among the younger generation. The operator of the project is the association “Information Center of the nuclear industry.” – Triune Group press release


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