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Concern over bank transactions!


Heartfelt thanks to the Journalist for reporting the news title “Bank account holders are in trouble”. The problem is acute for the middle and lower middle income group which cover the majority of people of our country. If an account holder deposits one lakh taka in a bank account, and excise duty of Tk 500 is deducted in one year the cost that will accrue will be Tk. 800 along with other costs of account maintenance and 10-15 percent source tax on interest. The bank interest rate is 5-6 percent. So at the end a year no interest will be added to the account. Rather money or may be deducted from the capital amount deposited!
We urge the government as well as the opposition to work for the wellbeing of the people. Actually this is work for the opposition party to ventilate the grievances of the people.
Journalist are not favorites to the members of ruling parties as they reveal the real picture of the society to the people. Even they face torture in various ways at the instance of government ministers, ruling party MPs and even student-leaders. It is alleged that journalists are tortured by using police administration. It was observed that even veteran leaders and Minister of AL like Motia Choudhury speaking several times against a journalist of Jhenidah.
Mawduda Hasnin


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