Conspiracy on to make Bangladesh a 'vassal state': Khaleda

Conspiracy on to make Bangladesh a ‘vassal state’: Khaleda


Dhaka – BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Friday urged all to remain alert as a ‘serious conspiracy’ is on to turn Bangladesh into a ‘vassal state’.
“A deep-rooted conspiracy is on to make Bangladesh into a subservient country. Local and foreign identified vested quarters are making evil efforts to put at stake our independence and sovereignty earned through the sacrifices of lakhs of martyrs,” she said in a message issued greeting people on the occasion Independence Day.

Khaleda further said, “We all must remain alert to protect the independence of the motherland and uphold the flag of democracy foiling all plots.”
The BNP chief also renewed her call for a national unity to protect the country’s independence and sovereignty.
Mentioning that the country’s people had taken part in the Liberation War in 1971 with a vow to build a democratic Bangladesh free from deprivation and exploitation, Khaleda said, “But, the goal couldn’t be attained for various reasons, and fascist and autocratic forces repeatedly put obstacles towards reaching it.”
The BNP chief also said the country’s march towards democracy and efforts to attain economic progress have got hindered time and again. “Our sovereignty has also weakened.”
The nation will celebrate its 46th Independence and National Day on Saturday, paying homage to the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their motherland from the Pakistani colonial rule and for the economic emancipation of the Bengalees.
BNP arranged a two-day programme to mark the day.
As part of the programme, the party arranged a discussion at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh today (Friday).
In observance of the day, BNP will hoist its flag and national flag at its Nayapaltan central office at 6am on Saturday.
BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia along with her party leaders will place wreaths at Savar National Mausoleum at 7am to pay homage to the Liberation War martyrs.
Later, she together with her party’s leaders and activists will place wreaths at the grave of BNP founder and late President Ziaur Rahman at 8:30am on the occasion.
The party leaders and activists will also bring out an Independence Day rally from in front of its central office around 3pm the same day.- UNB


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