Country being run by 'ruler's law': BNP

Country being run by ‘ruler’s law’: BNP


Dhaka – BNP senior leader Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury on Monday claimed that Bangladesh is now being run by ‘ruler’s law, not by the rule of law’.“Now, there’s no rule of law in Bangladesh. The country is now being run by the ruler’s law as what the government is now saying is law,” he said.
Speaking at a discussion, he further said, “The ruler now makes laws as per its whim and use those for its gain as the rule of law is obliterated.”
Khasru, a BNP standing committee member, came up with the comments while speaking at a discussion arranged by Swadhinata Odhikar Andolan at the Jatiya Press Club.
Describing the current government as unelected, he said it amended the constitution for its own interest and formulated ‘anti-state’ laws in ‘unelected’ Parliament.
He urged the government to come to the path of democracy and restore people’s all rights through holding a fair and neutral election.
The BNP leader alleged that the issuance of warrants for the arrest of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia in two graft cases is a part of the government’s evil design.
He said the government is trying to establish its full control on the judiciary to perpetuate its power.
Khasru said the government forced Chief Justice SK Sinha to quit as he tried to establish justice and uphold the independence of the judiciary.
About the Rohingya repatriation instrument signed with Myanmar, he said it will not be possible to implement the agreement. “The government signed the deal only to deceive people ahead of the general election.” – UNB


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