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Creative questions on Mathematics


We are very much anxious that creative questions on Mathematics cannot be successfully introduced from 2014 in JSC as we do not see anything regarding this in the NCTB and educational boards’ websites.We also do not see anything in the daily newspapers. Almost every newspaper publishes an education page daily but we do not see anything on the subject.
Creative questions have been introduced in grades VI, VII and IX from this year but almost all the teachers and students are still in the dark and have no idea about creative questions and have no written guidelines or sample questions in the education websites
although the incumbent government claim that they have done significant progress in creating digital Bangladesh.
Not very long ago, creative questions on Mathematics were introduced and later on it had to stop. Undoubtedly, creative question in Mathematics ws a good initiative of the incumbent government.
In the mean time, vested quarters took moves to stop this good initiative and we saw some reports in this regard in the dailies.
We urge the government to familiarise the teachers, students and guardians with creative questions through television channels, the print media, websites, mobile phones and other media.
M. M. Khaleed Ahsan


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