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Bangladesh quickest to taste 100th defeat in Test cricket

Greenwatch News Desk Cricket 2022-06-28, 10:38pm

Dhaka, 28 June -Bangladesh scripted an unwanted record after conceding a 10-wicket defeat to West Indies in the second Test, which not only gave them a bitter taste of whitewash but also completed their 100th defeat in this format.

 It's not that Bangladesh are the only country to concede the 100th defeat in the cricket's elite format. Eight other teams reached this unwanted milestone ahead of Bangladesh but what made the difference was that Bangladesh was the quickest to reach their record and they had a dismal win-loss ratio.
Apart from Zimbabwe, which played just 115 Tests, all other Test nations saw their 100th defeat. Ireland and Afghanistan, the two newest Test nations are exceptional because they didn't play as many matches to put them on this list.
Bangladesh however reached this shameful record in their 134 Tests in 22 years. They won just 16 while 18 matches were drawn.
However vulnerable Bangladesh remains in this format still will be better understood if the stat of New Zealand is considered. Before Bangladesh, New Zealand were the quickest to get the taste of 100 defeats but their century of defeat came in their 241 matches and in 65 years.
Sri Lanka scored the century of defeat in 2017 after playing 266 matches in 35 years. India though took 20 years to get their first Test win, they played 303 matches before hitting a century. Pakistan got their 100th Test defeat in 357 matches. While India took 64 years, Pakistan needed 59 years for this record.
South Africa made their Test debut in 1889 but they were banned from cricket for a considerable amount of time. However, South Africa's 100 defeats came 114 years after their Test debut. They played 279 Tests.

Australia and England played the first Test of the history in 1877. While Australia made an unwanted century in the 374 Test, England's 100 defeats came in 347 Test matches.

West Indies which made its Test debut in 1928 played 368 matches before conceding their 100th defeat.
There is gulf of differences between Bangladesh and other teams in the number of victories before losing their 100th Tests also.
While Bangladesh's number of Test victories is just 16, in contrast to 100 defeats, the three Asian Teams-Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India got 107, 84 and 57 wins respectively before conceding their 100th Test loss.

Even New Zealand had 33 wins in contrast of their 100 defeats. Apart from that South Africa had 90, West Indies 138, England 139 and Australia had 170 victories.