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Death-row prisoner release record under present regime: BNP


The BNP has said the largest number of death row prisoners, who are involved in ruling party politics, were given clemency and release during the rule of present Awami League government.
“Not only that, the death row prisoners were given President’s clemency during the rule of AL government by breaking all records,” said BNP senior joint secretary general at a press conference at party headquarters at Naya Paltan in the city.
He said a total of 25 death row prisoners had received President’s clemency since the Independence; of them 22 were given by the present government.The BNP leader mentioned the latest clemency of death row prisoner Aslam Fakir, a Juba League leader in Faridpur just a day before he was supposed to be executed.
“All sentences including death sentences of prisoners are pardoned if they belong to the ruling party. It seems to be a practice of the illegal government,” he said.
He said the killers are being encouraged for incidents of giving clemency to the death prisoners.
Replying to a question, Rizvi rejected the allegation against BNP of hatching conspiracy with Israeli intelligent agency Mossad to oust the present government.
Terming the allegation false, fabricated and motivated, he said the people are ready to oust the government.
“It is not BNP, the people are ready to throw out the government. There is no need of conspiracy locally or internationally to oust it,” he said.
The BNP leader said the BNP does not believe in conspiracy but the fall of the government is now at final stage.
He claimed that a total of BNP backed 23 mayors, 27 upazila chairmen, 13 upazila vice chairmen and over 200 UP chairmen, members and councilors were sacked only because they elected from BNP support.
He regretted that no measures are taken against ruling party ministers and representatives who were accused of different misdeeds.
BNP joint secretaries general Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal and Khairul Kabir Khokan, among others, were present on the occasion. – Staff Reporter


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