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Demra mass killing day tomorrow


The mass killing committed by the Pakistani occupation forces on May 14, 1971 under Demra union in present day Faridpur upazilla of Pabna district still reminds crimes against humanity.It is estimated that 800-900 people mostly unarmed Hindu residents of Demra and Rupshi villages were killed by Pakistani army aided by local collaborators in a single day.Rape and plunder were also carried out, and mosques, temples, schools and houses were set on fire.Veteran freedom fighter of the locality Advocate Shamsul Haq Nannu said Moulana Motiur Rahman Nizami was the main culprit of the Demra mass killing.He said, Sobhan, Rafiqunnobi and Hasan Moulanas were also directly involved with the carnage. Relatives of these martyrs, survivors and eyewitness of the massacre still tremble while narrating the genocide when the war criminals also burnt many dead bodies and houses to ashes, violated young girls and women in two villages there. -BSS, Pabna


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