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Dhaka asks Islamabad to stop interfering in internal affairs


Dhaka – Bangladesh once again asked Pakistan to refrain from interfering in Bangladesh’s internal affairs and stop commenting on trials against those criminals who committed crimes against humanity during the Liberation War in 1971.
Bangladesh also asked the Pakistan authorities to stop “misinterpretation” of the Tripartite Agreement signed among Bangladesh, India and Pakistan in April 1974.
“We never welcome anybody’s interference in our internal affairs. They (Pakistan) are interfering in our internal issues despite giving them repeated reminders,” State Minister for Foreign Affairs M Shahriar Alam told reporters on Sunday.
Earlier, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement on Friday, expressed “deep concern, anguish on dismissal” war criminal and Jamaat leader Motiur Rahman Niazami’s review petition as part of its continued attempt to make “biased and unfounded” comments about the independent judiciary of a sovereign country.In response, Shahriar Alam said those being tried for their crimes against humanity are Bangladeshi citizens but Pakistan is “saddened” for them. “We’re disappointed with Pakistan’s reaction.”
Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the statement, also mentioned that there is a need for “reconciliation” in Bangladesh in accordance with the “spirit of Tripartite Agreement of April 1974” which calls for a forward-looking approach in matters relating to the “events of 1971”.
In this regard, the State Minister made things clear once again saying Pakistan is presenting a distorted version of the agreement.
The agreement never implied that the masterminds and perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide would continue to enjoy impunity and eschew the course of justice, he said.
The State Minister said the person who committed crimes against humanity are working on behalf of Pakistan. “From that position, Pakistan is saddened for them (war criminals).”
He found this as a serious issue and said these war criminals are trying to assure their future generation with the notion that Pakistan as a State will stay beside them. “Otherwise, why Pakistan is so saddened by Nizami’s death penalty?
On May 5, the Supreme Court dismissed Nizami’s petition to review his death penalty handed down to him for his crimes against humanity committed during Liberation War in 1971.


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