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Dhaka Mayors deny responsibility for Chikungunya epidemic


Dhaka, July 14 – While Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Annisul Huq has claimed that the DNCC is not responsible for the Chikungunya epidemic in the area under his jurisdiction, Dhaka South City Corporation Mayor Sayeed Khokon has said the term ‘pandemic’ is not applicable for his area.“Chikungunya transmitter aedes mosquitoes are born inside dwelling houses. So, it’s not possible for the DNCC to control the mosquitoes entering the houses,” Annisul said while speaking at a press briefing at Nagar Bhaban on Friday.
He, however, said, “Sorry to the city dwellers for the Chikungunya outbreak.”
Quoting experts, the DNCC mayor said aedes mosquitoes cannot be born in drains and water bodies. “Rather, those are born in reserved water in ACs, freezers and flowerpots, and reservoirs of the under-construction buildings.”
He, however, said they have strengthened various activities, including larviciding and fogging, to control the outbreak of Chikungunya. “We’re also distributing awareness-building leaflets among the city dwellers alongside discussions in mosques during Juma prayers on the disease,” he said.
Mentioning that there are some 292 workers in the DNCC assigned for killing mosquitoes, Annisul said they are carrying out their job using nearly 653 machines, including local spray machines and fogger machines. “The workers are now spreading insecticides and floggings in every three days instead of every five days considering the outbreak.”
DNCC Chief Executive Officer M Mezbahul Islam, Chief Health Officer Brig Gen Dr SMM Saleh Bhuiyan and Chief Engineer Brig Gen Anwarul Islam were, among others, present at the press conference.
Meanwhile, DSCC Mayor Sayeed Khokon said there might be Chikungunya epidemic in the DNCC but it has not turned pandemic in the DSCC areas.
Speaking at a press briefing after inaugurating a special crash programme at the Nagar Bhaban on Friday to kill flying mosquitoes, he said they will be able to control the fever within 3-4 weeks.
The DSCC mayor said conservancy workers, mosquito-destroying workers and health department employees of the corporation will kill mosquitoes in the five regions of the DSCC in as many days.
The crash programme began with the region-4. – UNB


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