Diplomats must respect norms: FM

Diplomats must respect norms: FM


Foreign Minister Dipu Moni has told ambassadors in Dhaka they must respect diplomatic norms and “talk to us if they have concerns”.

“If any diplomat has any concern over Bangladesh, they must talk to us. It is the norm, talking outside does not come under their norms,” she told journalists after briefing diplomats on Wednesday over the latest political situation in Bangladesh.

She, however, said most of the diplomats were ‘maintaining their norms.

The minister was replying to a question on US Ambassador Dan Mozena’s reported visit to India and China.

She said the Ambassador told her that the report of his China visit was not true.

Moni said he had been in Delhi as India was a ‘very important’ partner for them.

“They have their regional policy and engagement with different countries in this region. Maybe, he went there to discuss this.”

She added that envoys can talk to each other, “it is the norm”.

“They have to report to their capitals on their country of posting. So they can discuss with each other.”

The briefing came against the backdrop of the Prime Minister’s phone call to the Leader of the Opposition for a dialogue over dinner and the latter’s snub.

Before her briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a short video was presented showing the Prime Minister making the phone call and the destruction during the shutdown.Attention:

The Foreign Minister said diplomats wanted to see free, fair and credible elections for the democratic process to continue in Bangladesh, and that “as a friend they want a peaceful resolution of the crisis”.

“They are concerned about violence.”

Dipu Moni said she had conveyed the government’s firmness in holding free elections and hoped that the Opposition Leader would respond to the PM’s proposal.

The two major parties – the ruling Awami League and the opposition BNP –are at loggerheads over the nature of the next poll-time government.

The Awami Legaue has proposed an all-party Cabinet to oversee the election, while the BNP is insisting on an earlier form of caretaker government that the present government scrapped through a constitutional amendment.

Heads and charge d’affaires of all diplomatic missions in Bangladesh, Head of EU delegation and UN Resident Coordinator attended the briefing.

US ambassador Mozena told journalists that he was “very encouraged” to see the political developments in Bangladesh.

He made a mention of the proposals of the two parties and the telephone conversation, hoping that “the opportunity will be seized”.-bdnews24.com



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