Do not overstep bounds of religion: Ranga

Do not overstep bounds of religion: Ranga


State Minister for Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) and Cooperatives Moshiur Rahman Ranga on everybodysaid everone has the right to practise their own religion, but nobody should overdo this. Those who do should be dispossessed, and the troublemaker group dismissed from independent Bangladesh.The State Minister said Allah (Almighty) created human beings as His best creature. He (Allah) also gave us the sense of judgement. But whoever wants to go to power by killing people throwing bombs and setting fires on buses are not human beings.

Moshiur Rahman Ranga made the comments while addressing a discussion ceremony after casting the rooftop of Parbartipur Hafizia Madrasah and Lillah Boarding of the Rangpur City.


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