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Doctor who practices both surgery and Ayurveda


This is unthinkable in Bangladesh that a doctor with an MBBS degree will also prescribe alternative medicines. But this is not rare in the world.An Indian doctor Sebastian Mathew migrated to Austria 30 years ago after passing medical college, and is now practicing both general surgery and Ayurveda in Vienna.He also has a three-year degree on Ayurveda, apart from post-graduation in surgery.As he attended the first-ever medical value travel summit concluded in New Delhi on Wednesday, asked him how he became a practitioner of both forms of medicine.Mathew said he realised its need “after doing many years of surgeries”.Ayurveda is known as the holistic science of medicine as practised and utilised mostly by Indians since centuries. It is basically more oriented towards the management of lifestyle disorders.India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year after coming to power stressed on the traditional form of medicines.


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