Don't get panicked over militant attack rumour: Police

Don’t get panicked over militant attack rumour: Police


Dhaka-Bangladesh Police has urged people not to be panicked over rumours of militant attacks on shopping malls, important government and private offices as well as educational institutions and mass gatherings.In a media release on Thursday, the Police Headquarters said the law enforcement agencies will take adequate security measures and people will be alerted beforehand if there is any apprehension of hampering public safety.
It said it has noticed that a sense of panic, insecurity and confusion runs in public mind over the rumours of militancy spreading through social networking sites, including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
The media release said police have taken legal steps following the recent incidents, including Gulshan and Sholakia terror attacks. Important information have already been gleaned about the two incidents which will help unearth the mystery, it said.
The law enforcement agencies have identified several militant dens, the release said, urging people to inform the nearest police station or any law enforcement agency if any person remains missing for joining militancy.
It also requested all to refrain from spreading rumours through social media that may create panic and contradiction. “Legal action will be taken if anyone creates panic and hampers public safety through spreading rumours,” the release added.
Meanwhile, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) commissioner Md Asaduzzaman Mia also warned that legal action will be taken against those spreading rumours over militant attacks.
“To spread rumour is tantamount to criminal offence. A vested quarter is trying to spread various rumours through social media, telephone and (mobile phone) SMS in their ill-attempt to create panic in public mind,” he told reporters at the DMP headquarters.
He further said, “Those who’re spreading rumous will be brought to book.”
The DMP chief came up with the remarks when his comment was sought about many threats of militant attacks in the style of recent Gulshan terrorist attack that have gone viral in the social media.
Observing that the main target of those who are circulating rumours is to create panic and topple the government, he said detectives as well as members of DMP’s Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit are keeping an eye on the social media activities to identify those spreading rumours.


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